Realtime analytics and forecasts for your Stripe subscription business

Meet Cowlytics, the open-source analytics & forecasting tool that provides automated insights alongside your real-time formatted data from Stripe to help you make intelligent decisions with predictable results for your subscription business.

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At Cowlytics, we belive pricing should be simple and scale friendly. That's why Cloudlytics Cloud is an unmetered fixed price no matter your revenue or team size, and Cloudlytics self-hosted is open-source & forever free.

Everything included

Customizable dashboard
Subscription metrics
Financial forecasts
Unlimited revenue
Unlimited team members
Unlimited reports
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$30 USD
per month, paid annually $35/Month if paid monthly Join our waitlist
Better for small business: Cowlytics is free under $500 MRR & 50% off until you reach $1000 MRR!
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Frequently asked questions

How does Cowlytics work?

Cowlytics monitors & learns from your businesses Stripe data in order to provided automated insights and make intelligent suggestions for your business targeting specific SaaS metrics. By further understanding your subscription specific metrics and using what's already worked to further improve them, you can quickly implement, monitor, and adjust to find increased success with Cowlytics.

That sounds challenging - do I have to be experienced to use Cowlytics?

Absolutely not! Cowlytics was built to be easy to learn from the ground up. There's plenty of advanced settings & extensibility for power users looking to go further - but Cowlytics by default assumes you're starting from scratch.

How does pricing work?

Cowlytics is free for all businesses with under $500/mo in MRR (monthly recurring revenue), and 50% off for those under $1,000 MRR. After which, Cowlytics costs a flat rate of $35/mo ($30/mo paid annually). Discounts are automatically applied based on your Stripe data.

Can I invite my team?

Yes! You can add additional team members for free at any time under settings.

Do I have to install or host it?

Not with Cowlytics Cloud! Cowlytics Cloud is our managed & hosted offering of Cowlytics Core, with managed hosting, quick & reliable support, and 60 second onboarding.

How are you different from other Stripe metric/forecasting providers?

Cowlytics was built from the ground up for open-source. Licensed with GPL, you can vet our source code personally to verify our application is safe & secure, you can modify & self-host the application if needed, and help build & shape the future of Cowlytics together with our wonderful open-source community.

Plus, we'll never do awful things like make you video call Brian to cancel.

What if I need help/support?

Our team is avaiilable 24/7 on our community Discord, as well as from 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday via Email, Phone, and Github. No matter how big or small your issue, we're always happy to help!

Who made Cowlytics?

Cowlytics is a product of Neutron Creative Inc. - a small team of coding cowboys on a mission to make the world open-source. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina - we enjoy building & sharing software consumers love with our passionate open-source community.

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